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Sprite character:
Sprite Off Round 2: Kayla The Hedgehog by Zoren-Sosa
Michelle the Hedgehog by Zoren-Sosa
A  random sprite character made by me, you can come up with the name and other stuff.
Sprite Revamp
Michelle Revamp by Zoren-Sosa
Zoren Final Sprite by Zoren-Sosa
ill give your character a new look, better than the old one
Gender Bend Sprite
look at that Smexy Reavorhog by Zoren-Sosa
if your character is a male, ill make a female version and vise versa with female to male
Sprite Of a drawn Character
Chihomi The Badger by Zoren-Sosa
.:Unnamed Character:.(ex-contest entry) by Zoren-Sosa
give me a image of a drawn character and ill sprite it for you, it will be more due to every little detail
Sprite Customs
look at all dem customs :D by Zoren-Sosa
How I make my Custom sprites Tutorial by Zoren-Sosa
ill do a series of sprite customs for you
Hentai Sprite
Untitled by
ZorenXAmanda by Zoren-Sosa
ill make u hentai based sprites, 30 points because they take awhile to make.





If anyone is interested to there character with Zoren's daughter 
Just comment here with character link  or xXEmotionalxMickeyXx's Journal 
Click link to see more

Thank you 
finally!!! by Zoren-Sosa
sooo this released today and i was so excited that i was up til 5 this morning waiting for gamestop to open. as soon as it hit 10 o clock i drove over there and grabbed this with no time wasted lol. for the BBS controls, they are way better than the psp version. far smoother.
Lunarea Eternity Logo by Zoren-Sosa
Lunarea Eternity Logo
a custom logo i made with inspiration from mah boy TJ. this will be the second side game i work on as soon as i get the set i need for this one. once i get it i will start and this may get pushed to my main project just cause i like the storyline abit better than the other one. so just for a brief story of the game that i have so far:
 a country is being invaded by a demon army and is destroying mostly everything in their path to gain control over the country. but one princess who was trained well in combat set out to forge an alliance with 3 other princess rulers of other countries to defend they're homes since she know her army alone dont stand a chance as the Demon Army destroy and take control over everything in they're path.  

story is far extended than that. but since this is only a logo that i showing i wont go into detail much further til the project itself is underway.
Requip System ( Erza Class) WIP by Zoren-Sosa
Requip System ( Erza Class) WIP
So just as Erza from fairy tail can change her armor and weapons so can this character. this shows a few of her requip ability's that she can do.
once chosen, her weapon and armor changes although it only says sword. i may add it to mix and match the armor and weapons just as Erza can do. but for now this is just a sample of it and still working on it. its pretty much 50% done, just need to fix/edit/create skills for the other
requip classes.

Element Weapon Change with Armor
Weapon Type Change (Spears,Bow,ect)
Element Strength/Weakness Effect (Fire>grass or water>fire ect)
New Skills To Learn for Each Requip by Leveling
Skills Change with each Element

#Valkyrie Legends
Black Butler RPG Support Banner by Zoren-Sosa
Black Butler RPG Support Banner
so ive decided to randomly do this out of nowhere for my good friend :iconvivi-chuu: for her game she made in rpg maker. and boy do i have to say she did an amazing job on it, im looking forward to the sequel shes doing. if you havent played the game but may want to ill put a link below. she actually got me to start watching this just from playing her game. so please support here on this by putting the code somewhere on your page which is below here:

Code: (copy and paste onto page)

<img src="…" border="0" alt=" photo bannerBB.png"/>

Link to game:…

(c) to me for the banner
(c) :iconvivi-chuu: for the sprites and game


Zoren-Sosa's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Name: Zoren Sosa
Nicknames: Z, Sosa
Age: 17
Species: Reavor Bat Eared Fox
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 9”
Weight: 135 lbs
Relationship Status: Single...
sexual orientation: straight
Birth Place: unknown
Alignment: care to help who he wants
Abilities: darkness and illusions
Personality: cool,friendly, moody, outgoing, persistent, carefree
Likes: milkshakes, strawberrys, watermelon, action
Dislikes: chocolate, seafood, idiots, fake people
Physical Appearence:
Color: Black
Skin Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
Hair/Quill Style: hair
Nose: medium
Ears: Large
Tail: Fluffy Tail

Favorite Quotes:

-"(smart comment) much" *example: bitching much? or scared much?*
-"Got it memorized?" (kingdom hearts quote)
-"Get it memorized"
- "hmmmm"
- "You mad? or Nah?"
- "Got Me Fucked up"

:iconps3plz: Zoren-Sosa
:iconskypeplz: ZorenAlmightySo

Elsword Account:

Theme: Chu Bura

Team: #3Hunna
:iconheropowerplz: :iconzoren-sosa:
one man team

Favorite Spriters:
:iconsorairodj: :iconacetrainer-ace: :iconxspider-7:
:iconuberhawg: :iconshaxisakato: :iconpixelpower23:

 photo SOTWUserbarcopy.png
 photo banner.png
 photo bannerBB.png
If anyone is interested to there character with Zoren's daughter 
Just comment here with character link  or xXEmotionalxMickeyXx's Journal 
Click link to see more

Thank you 


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